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Forklifts, warehouse trucks and handling equipment in Ede

Auction details

Start of auction Wednesday March 15 2017 to 13: 00 hour
Closing time Tuesday March 21 2017 to 16: 00 hour
Viewing day (s) Wednesday March 15 2017 from 09: 00 hour to 12: 00 hour
(Plan the route)

Pick up day (s) Location : Niels Bohrstraaat 34 , 6716 AM Ede, The Netherlands (Plan the route)

Wednesday March 29 2017 from 09: 00 hour to 16: 00 hour
Please note! Payment by bank transfer only. Chip & Pin or cash payments cannot be accepted.

Additional details

The bids in this auction are supervised by notary Th.A. Ritsema, associated with Nysingh advocaten - notarissen N.V. in Zwolle.

If a bid is made during the last five minutes before the auction for a lot ends, the opening hours will be extended by five minutes.

If a lot hasn't received a single bid in the final minute of the predetermined auction closing time, the lot will remain open until the closing of the final lot in the auction.

Any computers sold in a bankruptcy or foreclosure auction are always delivered without any software.

Please note! Lots in this auction do not fall under the legal right for withdrawal. For more information see Contact and questions

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