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Damen Patrol Vessel (Personal estate) Harlingen


In the plot list contains all lots and simply place your bid. Do not have a free account? Sign up here . If you have any questions, our state customer service every day waiting for you.

We encourage you to read the explanation below.. - Translated by Google Translate

Important information

Disposal is done by appointment only during the period from 29-5-2017 ma t / m fr 08 2-6-2017.00 to 16 hours.00.

From this discharge period can not be waived. After the lot is awarded shall Personal estate contact to make an appointment.

If the offer is not (in time) is removed then the costs will be passed on to the buyer. For any questions; Personal estate contact: Mr. M. Stokman via 06-12994451 - Translated by Google Translate

Auction details

Start of auction Friday 12 May 2017 to 13: 00 hour
Closing time Sunday 21 May 2017 to 19: 00 hour
Viewing day (s) Thursday 18 May 2017 from 09: 00 hour to 12: 00 hour
(Plan the route)
Wij adviseren u deze kavel op de kijkdag te inspecteren alvorens een bod te plaatsen. Het schip is vrij toegankelijk op deze kijkdag. Geen afspraak vereist.

Additional details

Some of the goods we are auctioning confiscated for Domains by judicial or other investigative bodies. Therefore we can not guarantee that all products are 100% complete and functioning optimally.

If in the last five minutes before closing of a Lot is a bid, the opening time is extended by five minutes.

When in the final minute of the preset closing time is not given a lot will remain open until the closing of the last lot in the auction.Returns?
Lots in this auction can not be returned on the basis of the statutory right of withdrawal. For more information see Contact and questions .

Safe and trustworthy
Supervisor auctions in the Netherlands: notary mr. Th.A. Ritsema, affiliated with Nysingh lawyers in Zwolle.
Supervisor auctions in Belgium: Bailiff Frank Spruyt in Brussels.. - Translated by Google Translate

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