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1 'Hek' Bouwlift, type: A40, serienr.: 9705023, motornr.: 107449010-016, max. last 400 kg., bj. 1994, max. hoogte ongetuid 6 mtr., max. hefsnelheid 30 mtr./min., verankeringsafstand 6 mtr., motorvermogen 3kW, 380V, kabel 4x 2.5 mm2, platformlengte 1250 mm., platformbreedte 1500 mm., kabeldiam. 8 mm., breukbelasting 40.3kN
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Start of auction 07-27-2012 17: 00
Closing auction 07-31-2012 19: 50

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Construction company Schothans in Nijverdal

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Lot type Lot normal
Opening € 130
Number of bids 1
Highest bid € 140.00

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