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Auctions via BVA Auctions

Why use auctions?
A growing number of clients are using our unique auction mechanism. If you recognise any of the following scenarios, then you have come to the right place!

You are looking for:
  • a way of selling your surplus machinery;
  • new (or alternative) sales channels for the sale of your products;
  • a company that will bring your product to the attention of the general public (or a very specific target group;
  • a company that can handle large sales volumes efficiently, including the processing of transactions;
  • a professional organisation that is capable of handling the marketing and sales of your assets;
  • if you are a receiver or bailiff, the company can assist and advise you in the sale of the property for which you are responsible.

Why use the auction services of BVA Auctions?

BVA Auctions is the market leader in the online auctions of items. Every year we sell more than half a million lots to buyers from over 95 countries. We offer our innovative online auction platform for a fast and efficient sales solution.

  • The largest customer base of any auction house in Europe;
  • Fast and efficient sales at market rates;
  • Flexible and complete services;
  • Transparent and reliable.

You are assured the assistance of a dedicated team of more than 100 auction professionals, including sector experts with knowledge of your industry.

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