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BVA Auctions now offers the Thuiswinkel Waarborg warranty!
We are proud to announce that starting in June 2013, BVA Auctions will be the first online auctioneering company to be awarded the Thuiswinkel Waarborg home shopping quality mark!

The Thuiswinkel Waarborg is the Quality Mark for the purchase of products and services over the Internet. Thuiswinkel Waarborg was established in 2001 and is supported by the Consumer Association. There are currently more than 1800 certified web shops that operate under Thuiswinkel Waarborg. Every year, BVA Auctions is reassessed and certified on its use of the relevant statutory regulations and Thuiswinkel Waarborg Conduct rules. The award of this Quality Mark has been an important step in demonstrating the professionalism of our company.

Click here for the Thuiswinkel Waarborg certificate.
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What does the Thuiswinkel Waarborg mean to consumers?
This Guarantee offers consumers the certainty of a safe payment environment, independent complaint mediation, information on who they are doing business with, a cooling-off period in which to withdraw from a purchase and how to contact the organization concerned. According to the Dutch Civil Code (Burgerlijk Wetboek, Section 6:230h, paragraph 4), foreclosure auctions are excluded from Consumer's rights, which include the cooling-off period (i.e. the right to rescission of purchase).

About BVA Auctions B.V.
BVA Auctions is the largest auction house in the Netherlands and auctions movable and immovable property by order of third parties. This website receives more than 5 million visitors a month and has more than one million registered users. In 2014, BVA auctioned 1.3 million lots in 3,800 auctions. Thanks to its large selection and varied range of items, BVA Auctions always has lots to offer.