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Stal Eurocommerce (Eurocommerce Stables) including Olympic showjumper London

Online foreclosure auction at the instructions of the attaching party of sports horses, stud stallions, trucks and inventory at the expense of Gevi Gorssel B.V. acting in the name of Stal Eurocommerce (Eurocommerce Stables). The voluntary auction of the immovable property of the Eurocommerce Stables is also being organized. The auction is being supervised by the civil-notary Th. A. Ritsema van Nysingh (mr.) Advocaten-Notarissen.

Auction information

Horses, trucks, inventory and the immovable property of the Eurocommerce Stables are being auctioned online by BVA Auctions from April 4 to 7, 2014.

You will find a number of very exclusive horses in the foreclosure auction. Including the world champion and “Keur” declared stallion Berlin and the Olympic horses Monaco and Montreal. The silver medal winner of the last Olympic Games named London and the famous gray gelding New Orleans will also be auctioned. In addition, there are various showjumpers and a number of different studbook-licensed stud stallions. Frozen semen will also be auctioned with regard to a number of stud stallions.

The following will also be auctioned: Volvo and MAN horse trucks, passenger cars, jumping obstacles, home/garden furnishings and tractors.

In addition to the foreclosure auctions, a voluntary auction of the immovable property of the Eurocommerce Stables is being organized. The immovable property includes corporate and recreational accommodation units, a covered arena, stables, an outdoor riding lane, horse walkers, etc.

You can access further information, photos and film clips by using the buttons below:

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Viewing Program
The viewings for the "Eurocommerce Stables" willbe held on April 3 and 4, 2014. During these viewing days, the horses will be presented to the public at the following times:
Time 1: 11.00 hrs
Time 2: 13:00 hrs
Time 3: 15:00 hrs

You can take a seat in the grandstand during the presentations. There is also the possibility to watch the presentation live from the screens located inside the catering booth.

There is plenty of space for parking in the surrounding area of the Eurocommerce Stables. Traffic controllers will assist you in finding the best parking spot.
There is a service desk located at the entrance of the stables to help you with any questions regarding the horses, bidding process, registration, etc.

It will not be possible to view the horses outside of the designated presentation areas because of health reasons and in order to keep matters peaceful. The trucks, cars and horse trailers can be viewed in the outside area.

About BVA Auctions B.V.

BVA Auctions is the largest online auction house of the Netherlands and auctions movable and immovable property at the instructions of third parties. The website is visited by more than 3 million online visitors each month and has more than 900,000 registered bidders. 600,000 lots were sold in more than 2,700 auctions in 2013. There is always something to bid on at BVA Auctions thanks to the broad and continuously changing items that are on offer.
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